The Peak of Business Life "Business Istanbul"

Business Istanbul offices, that are designed to add value and for the job holders whose time is valuable, offer complete flats ranging between 1300 – 1350 m2 and office choices convenient to the needs. It carries out flexible office choices as well as business model variety and is shaping “Shell&Core” style in a structure that company executives and job holders together dream of. TNL Ticari Gayrimenkul A.Ş., which is a leading company in corporate renting, is currently implementing the renting of the offices that are being sold. 

From Work to Market, Market to Work

“Going to the market” becomes an ordinary case for the Business Istanbul workers. The market at the ground floor of Business Istanbul that hosts all kinds of shops brings shopping to work. Fitness center and entertainment center in the body of Business Istanbul carry the opportunities of city life to business life. Boutique shops, coiffeur, tailor, dry cleaning, pharmacy, stationer, support services, cafeteria and restaurants fall into lap of Business Istanbul workers. 

Office Investment Opportunity Right in the Center of City

Companies and organizations that desire to make a powerful investment and meet a productive model, make a fresh start to their business life with the unique location and opportunities offered by Business Istanbul and find an investment opportunity in a region where the profit rate is very high.

Innovative Architecture and High Standards

Business İstanbul, designed by Efekta Architecture, offers unique alternative to the business world with its innovative architecture and comfortable office life to the ones who want to take part on the top of business life and to be in the most central location of Istanbul regarding transportation. Business Istanbul that makes difference with its place in the city life as well as its location in business life, bring your work to life and your life to work.