"Experience this privilege"

Energy conservation up to 25% with high efficient VRF systems, facade having high heat insulation property, frequency convertor pumps and heat recovery ventilation

Natural lighting by making use of daylight conserves energy up to 50% with enhancing the indoor air quality by the selection of adhesives and paints comprising low volatile organic compound, prohibition of smoking on the areas close to the building in order to control the indoor air quality and design of convenient mechanical ventilation system for the building 

Water saving up to %50 with selection of water yield, low volume and flow reservoir and vitrified armature, usage of local and adaptable plants in landscaping, drip irrigation water yield technology and purification of collected rain water

Usage of 20% recycled material with respective collection and recovery of 5 different waste types in recycling facility in scope of waste management plan that is generated during the building activities (construction steel, concrete, debris, packaging waste, domestic waste).